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Mobile systems

One of the company’s spheres of activity is the production of specialized mobile systems. Rich work experience, as well as the highly qualified specialists of the company, allows for realization of the most daring engineering projects.

The mobile radiation detection systems, manufactured by the “Aspect-Service” company are distinguished by:

  • High reliability and self-containment
  • Consistent delivery of high quality work in the shortest time frame
  • Use of the most up-to-date materials of the interior lining
  • Selection of high-technology equipment based on given  tasks

Among the undeniable distinct advantages of our company are:

  • Own design office for the development of custom-made projects
  • Individual approach and order fulfillment in the short term
  • System control & service software development
  • After-sales service for the systems
  • End product documentation (certificates and permits)


Mobile Automated Radiation Detection System “MARK” (MDS):


Brief description:

  • Wheelbase - van “Ford Transit”
  • Over 30 hours of autonomous operation
  • Self-contained system process microcontroller
  • “MA” radiation detection monitor
  • Convenient system control panel
  • System control software


Mobile Workshop (engineering/communications):


Brief description:

  • Wheelbase - van “VW T5 Kasten”
  • Comfortable fitted furniture, excellent ergonomics
  • Capability to operate from both external power source 220 V and internal source 12 V
  • Ingenious equipment fastening
  • Self-sufficient lighting of the workplace


Mobile Metrology Lab:


Brief description:

  • Wheelbase - van “GAZelle”
  • Comfortable fitted furniture, excellent ergonomics
  • Safe (box) for the storage of reference radioactive sources
  • Self-contained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Metrology rule (scale) “UPG-P”
  • GPS navigation & mapping 


The manufacturing base of “Aspect-Service” LLC makes it possible to develop and produce vehicles of a different level of complexity and sophistication. Upon delivery of mobile systems, the “Aspect-Service” company gives pertinent training to the Client’s personnel – both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Furthermore, the company’s experts provide proper warranty & post-warranty service for our products. All of the mobile systems manufactured by “Aspect-Service” LLC fully comply with the requirements of Ukrainian and International standards as well as regulatory documentation.

We totally guarantee high quality of manufacture, ergonomics and operation reliability.