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The company “Aspect-Service” emerged on the market of Ukraine 5 years ago and almost immediately took a major and central role, moving to the forefront of the provision of comprehensive solutions on radiation safety within Ukraine. “Aspect-Service” closely cooperates with the companies which occupy leading positions in the sphere of development and production of modern professional spectrometric, radiometric and dosimetric equipment not only in the countries of the CIS but also worldwide, such as Polimaster (the Republic of Belarus), Environics Oy (Finland).

At the present time, due to the diversification of primary activities, the company “Aspect-Service” is a top leader on the market of Ukraine in the development of complex protection solutions of the illicit trafficking of radioactive materials. This is no surprise as the main assets of the company are continuous innovative solutions development, delivery reliability and post-warranty service.

As of today, Aspect Service LLC has a status of the native manufacturer of the Mobile Laboratory of the Radiation Monitoring (MLRM) and Radiation Stationary Monitor (RSM), which is confirmed by the expert conclusion of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce.





Company Activites

Despite being “young”, the company “Aspect-Service”, as of today, has earned a flawless reputation and achieved the following results of its activities:

By the end of 2013, there had been installed over 200 stationary radiation detection systems:

  • Airports: “Borispol” (incl. cargo terminal), “Kiev” (Zhuliany), “Kharkov”, “Donetsk”, “Dnepropetrovsk”, “Lvov”, “Simferopol”.
  • Seaports: Eupatoria, Kerch, Odessa, Sevastopol, Mariupol, Berdiansk, Ilyichevsk, Kherson.
  • International Vehicle Crossings: “Novye Yarilovichi”, “Vilcha”, “Gremiach”, “Senkovka”, “Rava-Ruska”, “Shegyni”, “Chop” (Tisa), “Diakovo”, “Porubnoe”, “Bachevsk”, “Yunakovka”, “Goptovka”, etc.

Company Values and Operating Principles. Corporate Structure

The successful operation of every mechanism fully relies upon smooth well-balanced interaction of its elements. This corresponds to the collective work of “Aspect-Service” personnel, who is one team with one goal, priorities and pursuits.

The core principles guiding our business are responsibility, professionalism, competence, proficiency, client focus, attention to details, accuracy, timeliness, integrity, results orientation, teamwork, innovation, growth and development.

All these principles are effectively utilized and incorporated in the “Aspect-Service” company, which is composed of the following structural divisions: 

  • Construction Department 
  • Startup, Commissioning & Maintenance Department
  • Integrated System Design Department
  • External Economic & Logistic Activities Department

Complementary Services

Our company’s specialists have long-term practical experience in the operation and maintenance of complex equipment.  

At the Client’s request, our senior engineers will hold comprehensive seminars, which aim may be the presentation of a range of equipment offered, as well as the training of the customers’ representatives on the technical aspects of device operation and software, discussion of a number of other specific questions.
Successfully implementing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment for solving the most important global tasks, what we do is propose developments which can satisfy the client’s actual needs.


Our company supplies reliable equipment in combination with a wide range of maintenance services in accordance with the standards acknowledged by such international agencies as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) (USA), Austrian Research Center (ARC) (Seibersdorf), ISPRA and others.


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